User Guide


The SyGAL application stands for "Système de Gestion et d'Accompagnement doctoraL" (Doctoral Managing and Support System) and allows the user to learn about the doctoral policy in Normandy and have access to the list of Normandy doctoral students and doctors. SyGAL also offers doctoral students and their supervisors an interactive tool to exchange with the services of the doctoral centers and the Doctoral Schools by allowing a digitalized management of the various stages of the thesis. See connection to SyGAL for connection to the application.

Connecting to SyGAL

- Enter the word " SyGAL " on a search engine;

- Connect to SyGAL through the "Fédération d'identité Renater"

- Select your institution or click on its logo

When first connected to SyGAL, a personal e-mail will be asked to the PhD student. This personal e-mail will be used for communication with the PhD graduate after his defense and will not be indicated on his personal webpage.

The home page provides :

- information on the doctorate in Normandy ;

- information on the Normandy Doctoral Schools;

- a thesis guide;

- a SyGAL user guide;

- information on doctoral news and video resources regarding the PhD in Normandy;

- thesis subjects open for recruitment

After the login with academic identifiers, past or current theses become available for browsing. The information offered is :

- the status of the thesis: defended, abandoned, transferred, or in progress ;

- the registration institution;

- the attached Doctoral School (past EDs are indicated as closed);

- the Research Unit of affiliation (past Research Units are indicated as closed);

- the thesis advisor;

- the thesis funding;

- the year (calendar or academic) of registration;

- the year of defense;

- a keyword search tab;

- a descriptive sheet about each thesis.

 It is noteworthy that the data are only complete for registrations completed after September 2014.

SyGAL also enables the user to manage the thesis defense and submission procedure, as well as the submission of doctoral students' annual reports.

The actors of the doctoral training

Rights and access to SyGAL’s functionalities depend on the user’s status:

- doctoral student ;

- thesis advisor;

- laboratory director;

- doctoral school director;

- doctoral house manager ;

- member of the libraries;

- member of the survey committees;

- external user.

 SyGAL allows the user to extract data related to selected doctors and PhD students (click on "Export these theses to CSV format" at the end of the listing). In addition to the data listed above, the information on thesis access degrees, co-supervisions, thesis duration, and thesis abandonment dates will also be available.

SyGAL offers a dematerialized management of the different stages of the thesis.

Upon login, the user’s status will be identified (doctoral student, thesis director, etc.) and be indicated on the home page on the right in the upper banner.

One user may be identified under several statuses (e.g. laboratory director and thesis advisor, etc.). In that case, they must select in the upper banner the status corresponding to their request.

For the doctoral student, a personal email may be requested upon first connecting to facilitate contact after the defense. This private email will not appear on their personal page.

By clicking on the "defense" tab, thesis advisors and laboratory directors can access the ongoing requests of doctoral students under their responsibility.

Thesis defense and thesis submission

The request for thesis defense must be validated on SyGAL imperatively two months before the provisional date of defense according to the following procedure (allow for a delay to account for administrative validation within the time limit). The submission of the text must be made one month before the date of the defense.

For further details on these procedures :

- Scheme of the procedure : schéma soutenance

- For the PhD student : guide de la soutenance de thèse pour le doctorant

- For the PhD student : guide du dépôt de  thèse

- For the PhD supervisor : guide de la soutenance de thèse pour la direction de thèse.

- For the laboratoty director : guide de validation d'une proposition de soutenance par la direction du laboratoire.

- For the thesis external referee : guide de dépôt du rapport de thèse.

- For the doctoral school: guide de validation d'une proposition de soutenance par l'Ecole Doctorale.

- For the higher institution : guide de validation d'une proposition de soutenance par le chef d'établissement.


Annual report

The annual report is to be submitted by the doctoral student in the "annual report" section of their SyGAL page.