Doctoral Schools


The Doctoral Schools were created in the early 1990s with the mission of accompanying doctoral students towards their professional integration at the end of their doctoral training. Doctoral schools bring together doctoral students from the same scientific field who may come from several institutions.

The missions of the Doctoral Schools are

- to implement an admission policy for new doctoral students, based on explicit and public criteria. They inform students about the conditions and skills required, as well as the fundings that can be obtained, and the nature, quality, and rates of professional activity upon graduation;

- to organize scientific exchanges between doctoral students and their scientific community;

- to offer doctoral students additional training within their field;

- to ensure a quality-based approach of the doctoral training by setting up committees to follow the individual progress of the doctoral student’s thesis;

- to contribute to international cooperation.

The Normandy University Doctoral Schools

Doctoral training in Normandy is structured by field of study around 8 Doctoral Schools (ED). They bring together research units affiliated with the Universities of Caen Normandy, Le Havre Normandy, and Rouen Normandy, the two engineering schools ENSICAEN and INSA Rouen Normandy, as well as other institutions enrolling doctoral students: ESIGELEC, UniLaSalle, CESI, ESITC, GANIL, and ENVA.

These EDs are :

Each doctoral school is managed by a director and several site-specific deputy directors, aided by managers and a board in which doctoral student-body representatives also sit. This council defines the actions to be carried out and has its own budget. The inner workings of each Doctoral School are governed by internal regulations.

The College of Doctoral Schools (CED)

The doctoral policy is specific to Normandy University. Consequently, it ensures the coordination of the Doctoral Schools via an internal component in charge of doctoral training in Normandy: the “Collège des Écoles Doctorales” (CED). This college is a forum for consultation that brings together the research departments of the member establishments, the directors of the 8 Doctoral Schools, and several representatives of doctoral students.

The missions of the “Collège des Écoles Doctorales” are :

- to harmonize the doctoral policies of the different Normandy establishments;

- to communicate the doctoral policy of Normandy University to students and the broader socio-economic world;

- to consolidate the links between the EDs and the canvas of economy;

- to offer doctoral students cross-disciplinary training that promotes interdisciplinarity and the acquisition of a broader scientific culture by ensuring that each doctoral student receives training in research ethics, scientific integrity and is well versed in the challenges presented by the dissemination of scientific, technical, and industrial culture;

- to organize large-scale cross-disciplinary events such as: a public ceremony for the awarding of the doctoral degree, a 3-minute thesis event (“Ma Thèse en 180 secondes”), the Doctoriales, etc. ;

- to investigate the future of doctors after their thesis defense.